Meet the wow healing App

Features overview

BE AWARE, PRESENT AND INSPIRED Through the features we are providing, you can break old unhealthy habits, let go of limiting beliefs and implement new healthy ones, for a meaningful life. In other words, you become a Conscious Creator, a Leader of your life, instead of following others.

Key Features

We always focus on creating ultimate experiences to our users and this is why we offer you the perfect mix of visual, sounds and inspirational texts to ensure that the results are fast and transformational.

Goal tracker planner

We have created the perfect personal goals achievement and success coaching system to support you to completely transform your life for better.

Voice recorder and player

WOW Voice recorder and player is a simple, but amazing way to improve your life using your own voiced affirmations & NLP.

Vision board creator

A Vision Board is a visual representation of the things you want to have in your life. Vision Boards work by programming the part of the brain responsible for attention, the reticular activating system.

Life vision creator

All the masterpieces that have been created in the world began with a big vision, and so should your life.

Smooth/Funny wake up call

Wake up in a fresh, energizing, or even funny way, with our WOW Self Reminder. Personalize your experience at choice.

8D Sounds

8D audio sounds are ensuring a refreshing sonic experience that can bring you to a new, higher dimension.

Binaural beats gamma waves

Binaural beats are supporting the transformation of your state of mind to a meditative one more quickly.

Customizable wallpaper & background

Creating amazing experiences is our main purpose. This is why we provide you a default background options, based on the preferences of our users.

Exclusive WOW meditations

From Stress To Peace To Bliss Meditation

An unique meditation that brings you from stress to bliss within a few minutes.

The Solution To Every Issue Meditation

The outstanding meditation that is raising vibration and aligns you to the best solution possible of that very moment, through the law of resonance.

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